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A drive-through counter for digital orders only

Hut Lane is reserved for digital pre-orders.
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Hut Lane is reserved for digital pre-orders.

In the US, Yum! brand Pizza Hut is establishing a special drive-thru counter. Only orders that have been previously ordered digitally can be picked up at Hut Lane. Hut Lane will be rolled out in 1500 units at launch.

Shortly after the pandemic began, Pizza Hut introduced contactless curbside pickup so guests could order through its digital channels and never leave their vehicles for pickup. The company says Hut Lane is a logical evolution of that idea. "We're giving our customers a variety of options to optimize their pizza dining experience as we continue to grow our business," said Nicolas Burquier, chief customer & operations officer.

Hut Lane service can be accessed through the Pizza Hut app or website and is also available for phone orders. Upon arrival, customers can simply pull up to the appropriate window and pick up their order. If the service is not available at a particular restaurant, the app automatically offers contactless curbside pick-up.

Long-term strategy: modernization

Hut Lane says it is part of the brand's long-term strategy to modernize through digital ordering and an improved customer experience. Many franchisees looking for an edge in speed and convenience in their local markets will want to take advantage of this feature, Yum! Brands is convinced.

For example, Flynn Restaurant Group, which recently acquired 900 Pizza Hut restaurants, is putting Hut Lane in many of its stores going forward. "We are excited about the seamless customer experience that Hut Lane provides," said Ron Bellamy, Chief Improvement Officer, Flynn Restaurant Group. "We know from our QSR experience how much value a pick-up window can add to the business. We plan to prioritize Hut Lane in future new construction and renovations of existing stores."