Zeroliq, Berlin

Celebrate non-alcoholic? Yes, please!

After a 2-day start in March before the quasi-lockdown, Germany's first non-alcoholic bar "Zeroliq" in Berlin-Friedrichshain has been conquering a regular clientele since the end of May.
After a 2-day start in March before the quasi-lockdown, Germany's first non-alcoholic bar "Zeroliq" in Berlin-Friedrichshain has been conquering a regular clientele since the end of May.

In the middle of the Corona crisis Slavena Korsun and Peter Kenzelmann started the impossible: a non-alcoholic bar in Berlin's trendy district. The Zeroliq - zero alcohol - proves that merry celebrating has substance even without substances.

"Buzzy drinks, zero booze" is the slogan of the bar - a small, gentle and tasteful contribution to the discussion. Because at the moment alcohol is not only enjoyed but above all hotly discussed. "Does alcohol consumption lead to more corona infections because attention to protective measures decreases with increasing levels?" is the question that provokes some people. The Call for a ban on alcohol in the public eye further fuels the heated debate. On the other hand, food trend researcher Hanni Rützler non-alcoholic as one of the three current major trends. The founders of Zeroliq in Berlin-Friedrichshain prove that doing without does not necessarily lead to yawning boredom.

Enjoy "free-of" at the trendy bar

"Non-alcoholic cocktails can also consist of more than ice, syrup and juice. We want to invite our guests on a journey of pleasure - from tart, refreshing to flowery," promises founder Slavena Korsun. The entrepreneur and supporter of a health-conscious lifestyle has furnished her bar in a cosy, homely style. "Living sporty, eating healthy food, concentrating on the essentials, enjoying and having exciting discussions, alcohol is not necessary for that", she thinks. And success proves her right. Anyone who wants to get a seat on Fridays or Saturdays is better to book in advance. Under corona conditions, there are six tables in the one-room bar, five outside the large windows. It remains to be seen what it will be like in autumn, when you can't sit outside so comfortably anymore. "We are not moralists," Slavena emphasizes, "we invite our guests to take a trip to an alternative bar experience."

Zeroliq, Berlin: Buzzy drinks, zero booze

She and co-founder Peter Kenzelmann have tasted hundreds of non-alcoholic wines, beers, sparkling wines and gins. The menu includes around 30 different craft beers, ten white wines, five red wines and five sparkling wines. A special highlight are the changing long drinks and cocktails. The beverage creations developed by experienced bartenders are prepared in the Zeroliq on the basis of alcohol-free distillates. The curious can look forward to drinks made from fermented grapes or anything not at all mainstream. You can try the signature cocktail "summer in berlin" with apple juice, lime juice, ginger, mint, ginger ale and cinnamon for 8.50 euros. "coffee & chocolate" from Cold Brew coffee with orange, clove, cinnamon and chocolate is 9.50 Euro.

Diverse and worth the price

The Rhine-Hessian "Schloss Sommerau", white, costs 4 euros for a 0.2-l glass, the bottle 12 euros. A 0.15-l glass of the exotically spicy "SM sparkling wine factory Feel Free" costs 3.50 euros. It has 0.5 percent alcohol, the bottle price is 16 euros.

Matching the demand, the Zeroliq also offers vegan tapas. Tortillas with homemade bean puree or olive tapenade with wine (€5) are on the menu. The North Sea salad with potatoes, gherkins, dill and apple (€7.50) goes well with one of the craft beers such as Ottakringer Nullkomma Josef, 0.33 for €3. Guests can view the entire food and drink menu on their smartphones via a contactless QR code - always up-to-date.

Since the end of May, the Zeroliq cocktails have been delighting regular guests and new discoverers alike in a typical Berlin bar ambience with dark walls, pictures and simple wooden and flea market furniture - not far from the notorious Berghain Club. Green plants, originally staged, warm light and abstract art invite you to casually celebrate with friends and get to know each other. Slavena Korsun has thus fulfilled a dream. The Zeroliq is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 17 to 24. For the days during the week, beer and wine tastings will soon start in small groups. But Slavena Korsun does not want to take any risks and is waiting for the corona infection to subside.