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Sustainability index for menus

Restaurant Belavista
Restaurant Belavista

About 80 percent of Swiss healthcare costs are related to unbalanced nutrition. This is why Caterer ZFV  is launching the Menu Sustainability Index. It was developed together in cooperation with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

The Menu Sustainability Index (MNI) is a scientifically based instrument to evaluate meals in terms of environmental friendliness and nutritional balance. The ZHAW has developed this further as part of the project "Eating for the Future" together with ZFV as their partner for implementation.

"Responsible and sustainable thinking and acting ist part of our ZFV DNA. With the introduction of the MNI, we are setting a new standard in menu transparency," says Andreas Hunziker, CEO of the ZFV Group. Based on the ZFV control system, which identifies allergens and nutritional values, as well as the merchandise management system, the MNI will be used to evaluate the menus in community catering businesses and to label them accordingly. Particularly balanced or environmentally friendly menus will be highlighted with appropriate symbols. The CEO emphasizes: "By showing the benefits for health and the environment we do not want to lecture, but rather seek to inspire guests to enjoy healthy and sustainable food."

Proactive contribution to health and environment

About one third of the environmental pollution in Switzerland is caused by food, more than by any other area of consumption. About 80 percent of Swiss healthcare costs are related to unbalanced nutrition. The ZFV supports the sustainability goals of the UN and the Swiss nutrition strategy. With around 11.9 million meals served each year, ZFV is taking the opportunity to actively contribute by providing guests with sustainable and balanced meals – without sacrificing enjoyment.
More about ZFV
ZFV was founded in Zurich in 1894 and today is a company operating throughout Switzerland with the main focus on the hotel, catering and bakery-confectionery sectors. The company owns the 18 Sorell Hotels, various public trend and museum restaurants, numerous staff restaurants, cafeterias, university and school canteens as well as the Small Bakery-Confectionery. ZFV is also active in trade fair and stadium catering and event catering.

The MNI is calculated based on the recipe filed in the ZFV merchandise management system. The recipes are evaluated with regard to their environmental impact and balance on the basis of the ZHAW's stored scientific models. "Menu managers enable us to optimise the recipes or menu plans on the basis of the results in order to provide guests with the most environmentally friendly and balanced offer possible," explains Andreas Hunziker.