Issue 03/09

Foodservice Market Germany and McCafé in Europe

This year’s third edition is on its way to readers in more than 50 countries. 68 pages, as always jam-packed with market data, case studies and analysis.

Here is a brief look at a few selected topics from the current edition:

  • In this edition’s Pan-European survey, we consider the niche segment of the Tea Concept. Tea symbolises relaxed enjoyment – slow drinking, deliberate time-out from the stresses and strains of everyday life. An arena for individualists. What they value is the quality of the product, preparation and presentation. A cross-section of the market in six countries.

  • Hot trend: cookery books have long been a feature in the world of branded restaurants. Chains, as well as high-profile independents, use them as a marketing tool and to build customer loyalty. Sharing knowledge, telling stories and thus underpinning the brand concept emotionally all creates confidence in the brand as well as positive feelings towards it, and strengthens its image. We present selected examples from across Europe.

  • Market research: 2008 rankings for Germany’s leading 100 foodservice players with the highest turnover. The top 100 have chalked up a combined increase of 4.2% - a total of €10.3 billion altogether in net receipts.

  • Interview: Andrew Lynch, CEO of the international travel catering specialist SSP, focussing on stations and airports. This multi-brand player numbers more than 200 foodservice brands in its portfolio.

  • Our Middle East section is dedicated to the pizza market in Turkey, where chains feature disproportionately. There is also a field report from Egypt, about implementing international franchise concepts: interview with Mark Khalife, Managing Director, International Restaurant Group. Andreas Karlsson, Director of International Licensing at the British formula, Wagamama, gives the franchisor’s point of view. And: an event report from Abu Dhabi – fusion food at the World Future Energy Summit Gala Dinner.

  • McCafé: McDonald’s will soon open their 1,000th shop-in-shop coffee bar module in Europe – which will make the fast food giant one of the continent’s biggest players in the coffee bar market. An exciting success story. We devote a special feature this innovation in the concept.

  • Bakery fast food: in Germany, more and more bakers are opting to offer an extended foodservice range – with some drive-thru formulas too.

Plus: the Spanish Comess Group – with ethnic fast-casual concepts set to expand internationally. McDonald’s – current figures for the world's market leader. Top trend products: innovations on the drawing board.

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