Issue 01/09

Foodservice Market Russia and City Guide London

The first issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East for 2009 is on its way to readers through-out the world. Here is a preview of the most important topics covered:

  • Our analysis of the Russian foodservice market concentrates on market structures, develop-ment trends and consumer be-haviour. And it is based on a first, highly detailed consumer study conducted by the NPD Group.
  • City Guide London: a two-part analytical portrait of the leading players, trends and chal-lenges in the multifarious food-service market of Britain’s capi-tal. The first part focuses on competitive strategies and con-cepts in the fine-dining and mid-market scene.
  • Our Pan-European Survey spotlights the continent’s major steakhouse systems. After years of scandals and crises of confidence, the segment is once again extremely popular – red meat has regained its image as a healthy, high-quality product. In this issue, we look at the German, British, Italian and Netherlands markets – more markets in issue 02/09.
  • Hot Trend: airline lounges have been undergoing a massive upgrading in recent times. In the battle for the attractive target group of premium customers, more and more airlines – and airport operators – have discovered ‘pre-flight services’ as a marketing tool with a great potential. The aim is to provide comfort and convenience before takeoff – on a high and exclusive plane. Our European survey includes an excursion to the Middle East where all kinds of showcase lounges have opened in recent times.
  • The subject of lounges also crops up in our interview with Walter Gehl, CEO of LSG Sky Chefs, the world’s leading air-caterer. He gives insights into the lessons of September 11 and comments on issues such as market leadership, technological progress, product developments and expansion into complemen-tary areas of activity.
  • In the Middle East Section, we portray some of the region’s foremost food and foodservice companies, which have made a name for themselves as highly competent and wealthy franchise partners for global restaurant chains. We also take a look at Dubai’s latest super malls – the Emirate now boasts some of the world’s biggest, most modern and spectacular shopping centres.
  • E-marketing: search-engine optimising, blogs, virals – the opportunities offered by the internet seem infinite. The challenge facing foodservice companies is to keep in touch with young target groups because, in distinction to this generation of digital natives, which grew up with the internet, most decision makers currently at the helm are still digital immigrants. A summary of the lecture by Aaron Allen, founder and CEO of the Quantified Marketing Group, USA, given at the 2008 Food-Service Summit in Zurich: facts, conclusions and recommendations.
  • …but that’s not all: McDonald’s Going Green – the world market leader presses ahead in terms of corporate responsibility. Design: Da Giovanni – a fast-casual formula that exudes charm. It is named after and was developed for Giovanni Rana, the founder of one of Italy’s leading pasta brands. And last but not least a portrait of German equipment manufacturer, MKN.

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