11 Marktforscher-Fragen + 11 Antworten. Nicht Zahlen, nicht Buchstaben – nein: kurze, plakative Video-Präsentationen. Das Ganze in original Englisch.

Hintergrund: Eine Tagung der npdgroup in Chicago Mitte April. Die marktführenden Marktforscher im Außer-Haus-Geschäft haben Zahlen, Trends und Chancen/Herausforderungen im Multi-Länder-Vergleich unter die Lupe genommen. Hier jene Ergebnisse, die öffentlich wurden.

  1. Which of the Western European countries shows the highest per capita spending on the foodservice industry?

  2. Where do Japanese office workers eat away-from-home breakfast? Do they eat at restaurants, or do they eat takeout breakfast food somewhere else?

  3. What are the most popular foods and beverages for lunch at fast casual chains in the U.S., compared to the rest of the QSR segment?

  4. What are the top food items Russians consume?

  5. What's for lunch in France?

  6. Many Canadians have a 'double double' to go, every morning. What is it?

  7. In which day part did bakeries increase their market share within the quick service market in Germany?

  8. Just how important is the pub channel in the U.K.?

  9. What trend is having an impact on the dinner day part at restaurants in Italy?

  10. What is the ideal price point for global chains in China?

  11. Are there still opportunities for growth within Spanish foodservice?

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