Issue 04/10

Pizza chains in Europe and an anniversary homage to the Oktoberfest

This year’s fourth issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East is on its way to readers in over 50 countries of the world. This time with two market portraits and an interesting interview with Tim Martin, founder of Britain’s J D Wetherspoon pub chain.
Food and beer are the strengths of the over 780 J D Wetherspoon pubs in Great Britain. While more and more pubs there are closing under pressure from the smoking ban, cheap beer in the retail trade and the financial crisis, Chairman Tim Martin can boast increasing profits. He spoke with Bruce Whitehall about his recipe for success.
The Oktoberfest has been held in Munich for 200 years and there are few inventions from Germany, the world champion export nation, that arouse the enthusiasm of more people. With over 6 million visitors every year, the globe’s biggest fun fair sets the international standard for more than 3,000 copycat events. We show what makes the original so special and introduce the foodservice players.
In the market-research department of this issue, we take a look at the foodservice and Horeca markets in France and The Netherlands. In both countries, market leader McDonald’s has been able not only to increase its revenues but also to extend its lead.
The focus of the Middle East section is on Abu Dhabi. Long considered to be a rather nondescript ‘cousin’ of its glittering neighbours, the financial and property crisis has made the UAE’s capital the subject of greater interest – among hotel and restaurant operators, too.
Once again, our pan-European survey takes a magnifying glass to pizza chains in different countries. We begin with the UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Turkey. Given the fierce competition prevailing in the pizza market and crisis battered, price-conscious consumers, most players – and delivery services in particular – are banking on ambitious expansion.
Expansion is also on the agenda for Ping Pong, a young full-service format from London, which specialises in dim sum. Following 12 outlets in the British capital, it is hoped that outposts in Dubai, Washington D.C. and Sao Paolo will make the steamed Asian morsel a branded product in other parts of the world, too.
The fact that Italy produces other interesting F&B concepts apart from pizza is shown yet again by our Concepts to Watch section. Three of the concepts come from there. The others are from further north – specifically from Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and certainly worth a closer look.
But that’s not all: design from Italy – the Costa Group links the past with modern ideas. What US companies should take account of when expanding overseas. How equipment manufacturers are bringing sustainability and resource conservation into our kitchens. And, the seven myths of customer service – laid bare by Jim Sullivan.