Issue 04/11

Special Feature – 40 Years McDonald’s in Europe; City Guides to Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi

The current issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East is on its way to readers in over 50 countries around the world. In this issue, we proudly present a very special feature on the occasion of McDonald’s 40th anniversary in Europe.

Further highlights include comprehensive City Guides for professional visits to Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi, as well as a survey on what the internationally acclaimed New Nordic Cuisine is all about.

When McDonald’s opened on the European continent 40 years ago, the appearance of the brand represented nothing less than a revolution: a completely new dining culture, relaxed and uncomplicated, family friendly and affordable, coupled with industrial efficiency in a culinary world characterised by artisan methods. Certainly McDonald’s has wrought greater change in the foodservice sector than all its competitors together. In our Special Feature on more than 40 pages, we trace the brand’s unique success story in Europe, starting with first openings in the Netherlands and in Germany in 1971. And take a look into the future.

Thrilling destination for food lovers: Hong Kong, a melting pot of Asian and Western cultures. Eating away from home is an integral part of the Chinese way of life, and the increasing pace of business life there is boosting this trend. Our City Guide spotlights nine categories/themes of interest for professional visitors, from street kitchens and dim sum to luxury dining.

Another destination of distinction is Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE and one of the richest cities in the world. After having long played second fiddle to flashy Dubai, Abu Dhabi is rapidly expanding towards the newly-developed islands, and undergoing significant expansion in the foodservice sector. We present the gastronomic highlights and the newcomers most worth visiting.

Back in Europe, we turn to the Far North, the home of New Nordic Cuisine. For a few years now, the gastronomic world has taken notice of this cooking trend, which has gained a big international reputation in recent years. We reveal what New Nordic Cuisine is all about, the ideas it is based on and its aims.

In our Pan-European Review, we examine the vegetarian and vegan market sectors in various European countries. Although the number of (part-time) vegetarians is increasing, this is still a niche market, a fact that has led more and more ‘normal’ restaurants to increase their range of meatless dishes. In fact, the vegetarian lifestyle is shifting out of the eco-freak corner into mainstream society.

As well, we invite readers to join us on an excursion over the roofs of Europe: our Hot Trend subject this time is rooftop restaurants. Dinner with a view – a sought-after open-air experience that is not at all confined to South European climes.

In our interview, we talk to Henry McGovern, co-founder and CEO of AmRest, Poland, which now operates six brands in eight countries, including this year’s acquisition, Spain’s Restauravia. With licence brands such as Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and Starbucks, AmRest soon became big in the emergent Eastern European market of the early 1990s. According to McGovern, the company’s on-going success is largely due to a unifying, ‘anything is possible’ culture and clearly focused core values.

Also in this issue is a portrait of ‘Jamie’s Italian’. No other gastronomic concept has created such a stir in Great Britain over recent years. Offering authentic, fresh, sexy Italian cooking at prices that are meant to be a ‘positive shock’, the concept is another variation on Jamie Oliver’s theme of ‘fantastic food for everybody’, which enjoys tremendous popularity among guests and experts alike. Launched in 2008, the collection of restaurants that belongs to the British pop-star chef now has 20+ locations, with numerous further openings planned in the UK and abroad.

Last but not least: Supplier Portrait (Melitta SystemService, Germany), Top Trend Products, Europe by Numbers … as well as Major Trade Shows & Events.