Issue 1/10

Spotlighting Istanbul - 10th European Foodservice Summit

The first issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East for 2010 is on its way to readers in over 50 countries of the world - as always, densely packed with market information and analyses, managerial knowledge and trend reports. Special highlights in the first issue of the new year: a special report on the Turkish metropolis of Istanbul and another detailed account of the 10th European Foodservice Summit in Zurich.
260 top managers and entrepreneurs of the international away-from-home scene came to Zurich last September for the anniversary edition of the European Foodservice Summit - the largest number of participants since the last record year in 2007. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of this high-grade educational and networking event, the joint organisers - FoodService Europe & Middle East, Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI), Zurich, and the University of Orlando - compiled a top programme with sensational speakers.

The second part of our report covers, inter alia, the lecture by Dr. David Bosshart, CEO of GDI, on visions in times of shifting paradigms and the art of selling hope to guests during the crisis.

What world-class orchestras and top companies have in common was the subject of the Foodservice Summit lecture by musician and conductor Christian Gansch. Our report summarises his most important theses. And then there are two case studies: Bill's Produce Store from Great Britain and La Tagliatella from Spain. Both show clearly that, with atmosphere and a pronounced love of detail, success is possible even in times of economic crisis.

This issue's Middle East section concentrates on the pearl of the Bosporus - Istanbul. The spectrum of concepts presented ranges from an online order platform to the wonderful ‘Big Chefs' XXL formula.

The Subway sandwich chain has been in Europe for 15 years and, over the last decade, has expanded at a rate faster than any other concept before. Although the unexpectedly hard winter has made things slightly more difficult, the 3,000th store will open its doors in the very near future. We spoke with Subway's European Director, Marc Kreder, about the success and the future perspectives of ‘Subs'.

Very important in this connection is to ‘conquer' the former East Bloc countries. And how to do this has already been impressively demonstrated by another US fast-food chain - McDonald's. It is now 20 years ago that the first western burger restaurant opened on Moscow's Pushkin Square. Khamzat Khasbulatov, at that time Restaurant Manager and now CEO of McDonald's Russia, takes a look back and into the future.

Our Pan-European Survey revolves around foodservice brands in the retail business, whereby both home-grown brands and joint ventures with outside brands are playing an increasingly important role. The first part of our survey shows how retail giants in Great Britain, France, Scandinavia and Italy use foodservice as a marketing and image tools. The leader of the pack: furniture giant Ikea.

In this issue's interview, we talk with two people. Wolfgang Gros and Rene Mooren, Vice President Operations und Vice President Sales & Marketing of Europe's Marriott Hotels, explain their approach to F&B and why sustainable measures not only result in cost savings but also important marketing benefits.

Last but not least: the ranking of the top 22 foodservice companies in Switzerland, modern club design between multi-media and multi-optional and the latest F&B trends from the USA.