Issue 06/08

Summit report and Top 111 foodservice players in Europe

This year's sixth and last issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East 2008 (November/December) is on its way to readers in more than 50 countries around the world. As always in the last issue of the year, we pay particular attention to the European Foodservice Summit in Zurich, the meeting place for leading international foodservice players held every September. A preview of the main subjects covered in this issue:
  • Our Pan European Survey focuses on the appearance of star chefs in front of the cameras. Today, Europe's top chefs are television stars – their programmes are entertaining and rekindling enthusiasm for cooking among a mass audience. And this is not only advantageous for the restaurant business of the chefs themselves with completely new, second-level marketing opportunities from books and cooking utensils to whole series of branded products for the retail trade. It has been extremely beneficial for both the standing of good food and the reputation of the profession: working as a chef is more attractive for motivated young people than it has been for many years.
  • Market research: the latest pan-European ranking of the 111 biggest foodservice companies by revenues revealed a total turnover of €82.2 billion for the top players, an overall increase of 8.3%. This exclusive analysis once again underscores the dominance of the contract catering and quick service sectors, which accounted for around 60% of total revenues of the Top 111 in 2007.
  • Management: against the background of a price explosion in the food procurement markets, we asked leading foodservice managers from eight European countries about the effects on their business and strategies for dealing with increasing food prices – and about the purchasing outlook for 2009.
  • Interview: founded in South Africa a good 30 years ago, the Nando's chicken chain currently boasts around 800 outlets in more than 30 countries. It is one of the country's major foodservice systems and an extraordinary export success. Co-founder and CEO Robert Brozin explains the Nando philosophy and the challenges of international expansion.
  • Middle East Section: we concentrate on Saudi Arabia. Rich in oil and characterised by an extremely young population – almost 40% are younger than 15 – Saudi Arabia is considered to be a promising foodservice market with high rates of growth. The market volume is expected to have climbed from the present €3.6 billion to €4.5 billion by 2012.
  • Hotel alliances: founded in Germany 36 years ago, the Romantik Hotels & Restaurants label currently has over 200 members in 11 European countries. The brand, which is still firmly anchored in Germany, emphasises individuality and high culinary standards.
  • Top Event: at the 9th European Foodservice Summit in Zurich in September, the organisers welcomed around 250 participants from 20 nations. We report on the top issues at this high-grade learning and networking event and present selected highlights – from two case studies (Mongo’S, Germany, Leon, Great Britain), via the distinguished CEO Panel on food perspectives, to the radical theses of Dr. David Bosshart, head of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute, on the future of food as a vital resource – seen from the procurement and consumer sides.
  • Moreover: Concepts to Watch – we once again invite you to join us on a voyage of discovery taking in creative concepts – 12 interesting ideas from five countries. We report on the première of the European Coffee Symposium in London. In our supplier section: Top Trend Products – an overview of the latest innovations on the supply side.
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