Edition 04/05

Top 111 European Players

The 4th quarter edition of FoodService Europe & Middle East is on its way from the printer’s shop to its readers in more than 50 countries throughout the world – mainly in Europe and the Middle East. Main focus of the current issue (all in English):

  • European Survey: Museums & Foodservice. Museums are in. And Museum as restaurant locations are even more in. Meaning, besides café/bistro/bar you can now see fine dining more frequently – naturally also used as event-location. Our European excursion sets off in the UK/Ireland, stopping in Germany (Käfer, Munich; Sarah Wiener, Berlin; Meyer/Holbein’s, Frankfurt/M., and Rauschenberger/Cube, Stuttgart), the Netherlands, Greece and up to Spain. In the second part (1/2006) you will find another selected handful of country-insights into trend setting museum-gastronomy.

  • Leading in Europe: the top 111 foodservice players (restaurants, contract catering, F&B in hotels) and their 2004 figures. Average growth: 4,8 % vs. 2003. The latest ranking offers not only facts and figure, but for the first time also lots of qualitative information about the foodservice groups. Thoroughly analysed in terms of countries of origin, market segments and growth. A rich source of structural data and expansion-paths of the foodservice-frontrunners in Europe.

  • Las Vegas: foodservice-portrait of the craziest city in the world on its 100. birthday. It’s the metamorphosis of cheap-buffets to temples of fine-dining. Today Las Vegas hosts 15 of the 100 best-selling restaurants.

  • Interview: Attila Dogudan, founder and CEO of Do & Co, Vienna. He sees his business as a Gourmet-Entertainment-Company, leading in the segment of event-catering in Europe. Attila Dogudan, driven by his passion for quality and love of his work is an inspiring interview partner.

  • From Middle East to Far East: 3 stories focussing on the United Arab Emirates, the trendy restaurant-scene of Bankok and European concepts’ (Marché International, Block House, Paulaner Bräuhaus) first steps towards the east coast of Asia. Going East – the big challenge.

  • Innovation Insides: 6th European Foodservice Summit, Zurich, in retrospective. Not only congress but also top-event and family get-together for the 250 participants from 22 countries. The keynote speakers Reinhold Messner, Jeremy Rifkin and Martin Lindstrom captured the audience. Next date: 18. to 20. of September 2006.
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