Issue 04/12

Trend Manual East/West, Open Kitchens, Bavarian Beer Gardens Worldwide

The current issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East is on its way to readers in over 50 countries of the world. Special features include an instruction manual for the hottest metropolises in Asia and the USA, a report on the trendy subject of show kitchens and a feature on the spread of Bavarian beer gardens around the world.

What makes destinations in Asia and the USA particularly interesting for restaurateurs searching for new inspiration? Where is it particularly worth hunting? Where is most to be learnt? Which trends are to be found and where? We take a look at selected metropolises between New York and Ho Chi Min City.
  • Show kitchens continue to represent the keystone of successful new gastro-concepts throughout the world. From the guest’s point of view, show cooking stands not just for entertainment but also for transparency and safety when it comes to their food. British and German planners and restaurant professionals discuss technical and psychological pros and cons.
  • Two hundred years and still going strong: the Bavarian beer garden celebrates its 200th anniversary this year. The shady garden restaurants, sometimes seating thousands of guests, are part of the Bavarian way of life. However, the concept has become a successful culinary and gastronomic export product and has found a second home in North America, Australia and even Thailand.
  • This issue’s Pan-European survey turns to South America. A growing number of restaurant concepts focusing on Latin American cuisines, particularly in the UK, tempt guests to try adventurous culinary regions. Other than Tex-Mex formulas, which became popular in the US and in Europe decades ago, young Latin concepts nowadays make us acquainted with the richness of Brazilian, Peruvian, Cuban or Ecuadorian cuisines
  • No less tempting for our palate is ice-cream, an irresistible treat for young and old, particularly in the summer. In our Hot Trend section, we present selected ice-cream concepts from various European countries relying on the ‘artisanal’ approach: not just hand-made but with premium, all-natural ingredients, without any artificial enhancers, aromas or stabilizers
  • In our Middle East section, we portray Dubai’s Jumeirah Group, which operates 22 luxury hotels and residences in various countries and is determined to become a global player in the international foodservice market. Designated driving force is their home-grown Southeast Asian casual dining concept, the noodle house, with 19 outlets in and outside the Gulf region plus more than 100 lined up in development agreements.
  • In our interview, KP Kofler, CEO of Germany’s Kofler & Kompanie catering company, talks about his series of pop-up restaurants under the Pret A Diner brand, as well as the challenges of his core business, e.g., corporate hospitality, especially at international sporting events.
  • Also in this issue: a brief overview of Sweden’s top 20 Fast Food Chains and their sales in 2011; a feature on T.G.I. Friday’s strategy to rejuvenate the 47-year old brand; and a report from Italy where traditional butchers’ shops fight the threat of disappearance by offering premium quality – and turning restaurateurs.

Last but not least, our top trend products, featuring innovative F&B and equipment solutions, plus a portrait of Netherlands-based Salud Food Group (former subsidiary of Simplot Company), which specialises in avocado products, tropical fruits and tortillas, as well as Tex-Mex and Mediterranean appetizers, for professional users.