Issue 03/10

foodservice market in Germany, coffee-bar segment in the Middle East

The third 2010 issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East is on its way to readers in over 50 countries across the world. This time with two market profiles and a third and final in-depth look at Istanbul's foodservice scene.

For the first time, we present a picture of the booming segment of modern coffee-bars in the Middle East region. Alongside international brands such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, local names offer stiff competition - from Cilantro in Egypt to Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea in Saudi-Arabia. In contrast to the plentiful traditional cafés, mainly frequented by men, this type of business attracts a principally young clientele, who have found in it a new leisure platform, rather like western bars and clubs. This means brisk evening trade.
Also in the Middle-East section of this issue: the third and final chapter of our survey of Istanbul's foodservice market. The spotlight is on creative casual-dining formulas – from House Café to Kitchenette and Midpoint.

Our second market profile presents a survey of the top end of the market in Germany together with the relevant figures for 2009. The 100 largest companies last year recorded an increase in turnover of 1.1% - significantly less than in previous years, but better than had often been feared. The top 100 represent net sales of almost EUR10.4 bn.

In the sights of our Pan-European Survey in this issue is the niche segment of the juice-bar. Freshly pressed juice is a summer drink par excellence – at least in the cooler regions of Europe, where additional incentives must be added to the product range in order to attract sufficient customers all year round. Juice is most successful as a typical to-go product in high-traffic locations – limited space requirements for juice-based concepts goes hand in hand with a price level corresponding roughly with that of coffee specialities in coffee bars (but lower margins!).

Low prices, bags of value for money and a carefully cultivated Swedish image: that is the successful foodservice formula of furniture giant IKEA. In our interview, Edward Mohr, Managing Director of Ikea Food Services, talks about the foodservice business of this multinational, which is now represented in 32 countries world-wide – business that is worth a cool EUR1 bn. And he gives us some fascinating insights into the Scandinavian company's corporate culture.

Additionally: the latest figures for the McDonald’s Corporation – another good year for the world's market leader. At the centre of focus for our Hot Trend section are customer magazines. A common phenomenon in the retail trade, they are also highly prized by foodservice chains as a tool for maintaining customer loyalty and promoting the company's image. We also look at some spectacular individual concepts that have been created in Germany’s major cities: Brenner in Munich, Zenzakan in Frankfurt and Kai Hollmann's family of four hotels in Hamburg.