Issue 05/11 with market portraits of Russia, France and Italy plus Salzburg City Guide

Issue 05/11 of FoodService Europe & Middle East includes no less than three Market Reports – the new magazine is now on its way to readers in over 50 countries of the world.
The Market Reports cover Russia, France and Italy.

Additionally, we make an excursion to Salzburg and, with our City Guide, take a closer look at both established restaurants and trendy newcomers.

Then, you will find a detailed report in our Middle East Section on the impact Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, has on the region’s away-from home players in terms of challenges and opportunities.

  • Russia: We present the Top 20 restaurant companies by outlet numbers, which are headed by Marcon (with concepts such as Stardog!s, Bageteria and OnTime) and Rosinter (Il Patio, Planet Sushi, etc.) – and the biggest players in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Interesting: the fastest expanding companies include international brands such as Starbucks and Subway.
  • Italy is still the European foodservice market with the greatest potential for system concepts, which currently account for only 16 % of all away-from-home visits, and a market that continues to tick differently to its European neighbours. Our article focuses on consumer research, i.e., the number of visits by category and the average bill per visit. It is evident that, despite the crisis, more Italians are eating out than ever before. However, most recently, the rate of growth is slowing.
  • France: The ranking of the 50 biggest foodservice companies by turnover in 2010 shows clearly where it’s all happening in the French market. The most progress is being made by quick-service and fast-casual players. Snacking and eating on-the-move are the winners while classic full-service concepts are trying to jump onto the snacking bandwagon. So the perspectives for bakery products – and pasta – could not be better.
  • Salzburg: A tour of the foodservice scene in this city of 150,000, which attracts an incredible 2.2 million overnight guests every year. Restaurants in Mozart’s birthplace thrive on the blend of affluence and youthful exuberance, student life and Baroque tradition.
  • Austria-based Schärf Group currently operates 212 Coffeeshop Company outlets in 20 countries. In our interview, Reinhold Schärf, CEO of the vertical group – which also roasts coffee and makes coffee machines – comments on a range of subjects from franchising and corporate culture to technology.
  • In our Pan-European Review, we take another look at vegetarian / vegan restaurants, which still represent a niche market although the number of (part-time) vegetarians in Europe is growing steadily. Part II of our European panorama portrays the situation in Great Britain, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium and Russia.
  • And there is another panorama in the Concepts to Watch section with three innovative concepts from each of the following countries: France, Monaco, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.
  • Our Middle East Section offers some interesting insights into foodservice activities during Ramadan. On the whole, the room for manoeuvre of away-from-home players is limited to the evening during the holy fasting month. Breaking the fast after sunset – Iftar – is not only the daily highlight for the fasters but also a social event. And, as our report reveals, this is an excellent opportunity for restaurants to attract custom.
  • We also make an excursion to Sweden where Max Hamburger Restaurants, the country’s second biggest burger chain with 79 outlets, has positioned itself as the nation’s sustainability pioneer. The entire menu is CO2-labeled, i.e., the environmental impact of each item is shown on the menu board. Moreover, the company compensates for its carbon footprint by planting 89,000 trees in Africa every year.
  • Last but not least in this issue: impressions of the last NRA Show in Chicago and the latest kitchen-equipment trends as reflected by the winners of the Kitchen Innovations Awards. In our Supplier Section, you will find a portrait of the USA’s Franklin Metal Products. And our new-products showcase with the Top Trend Products.