Issue 05/2010 - Pizza survery Part II, KFC Expansion story

This year’s fifth issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East is on its way to readers in over 50 countries of the world – this time, with no less than four market portraits and an informative study about the KFC expansion strategy.

The chicken QSR chain – the flagship of the Yum! Brands portfolio which can now boast almost 16,000 outlets in more than 100 countries and accounts for around 45% of the global player’s turnover – has given its expansion drive another boost in the last ten years, especially in threshold countries such as China and India. In China, the brand already has around 3,000 outlets, and that is only the beginning. Also in its sights besides India: Russia.

One of the four market analyses of the current issue also focuses on the Russian market and includes a ranking of the top 20 companies (by outlets), as well as a look at the top 15 foodservice brands in Moscow, also by outlets. The other market portraits spotlights Poland, the Swedish fast-food sector and the leading US chains, including the system-wide sales generated in their domestic market.

Russia is also one of the countries examined in Part II of our Pan-European Survey on pizza chains. The others: the motherland of the pizza, Italy, plus Spain, Scandinavia, France, die Switzerland and Austria.

Talking about pizzas – they are very popular among children, and how restaurateurs cater for their little guests is the subject of our Hot Trend section. Particularly popular, in addition to dishes created and promoted especially for children, as well as all kinds of fun and games options, are offers that involve children in the culinary process, from do-it-yourself pizzas, via ‘Ice Cream Mess’ to kids’ cookery courses as the ultimate outlet for child creativity.

Families with children are the main target group of Sweden’s Middagsfrid delivery company. The idea: customised packages of ingredients for five meals, each for four people, including recipes, are delivered to the home once a week – home-cooking made easy, and a great success. Middagsfrid expects its turnover to double this year compared to 2009.

The subject of the Middle East section in this issue is European versus American foodservice brands. Although the USA is not particularly popular in the Middle East, US brands dominate in the region. As our report shows, however, Europe is slowly but surely catching up.

A successful export product from Europe – or, to be exact, from Germany – is the Design Hotels brand, which now brings together almost 200 individually run boutique hotels from all over the world. In our interview, co-founder Claus Sendlinger speaks about the Design Hotels philosophy and the key role played by foodservice, which accounts for 30 to 40% of member hotels’ turnover.

But that’s not all. You can also look forward to a report on the coffee business at filling stations and motorway service areas. As well as a visit to Eataly in Turin (and NYC). Not to mention the top trend products – innovations from foodservice industry suppliers. And our regular guest author, Jim Sullivan, who answers the question, ‘Why foodservice training gets stuck’.

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