Issue 06/10 - Top 111 Ranking and 11th Summit in Zurich

This year’s sixth and last issue is on its way to readers in over 50 countries of the world. The highlights this time include the ranking of Europe’s top 111 foodservice companies and a report on the 11th European Foodservice Summit in Zurich.

Big, bigger, the biggest in Europe – the 111 biggest foodservice companies in Europe rang up total revenues of almost €84 bn in 2009, an increase of 1.7% compared to the previous year (in constant currency), albeit the smallest rate of growth since the beginning of the decade. However, the quickservice and contract-catering segments did relatively well, achieving growth rates of 5.4 and 2.5% respectively. With a drop of 8%, the biggest loss was registered by the hotel restaurant sector.
  • The current top 111 ranking was presented at the 11th European Foodservice Summit in Zurich at the end of September. As in previous years, this top event attracted around 260 top managers and companies from 30 nations, and confirmed its position as the foremost educational and contact platform for the international foodservice sector. Besides familiar faces on the stage, including Gretel Weiss, Dr. David Bosshart and Prof. Chris Muller, this year’s programme featured speakers such as body-language expert Samy Molcho and social-media expert Dan Holm from the USA, British design and concept specialist Ibrahim Ibrahim and the high-grade quartet of entrepreneurs forming the CEO panel, especially Dr. Ly Qui Trung from Vietnam, the first ever Asian foodservice pioneer on the Summit stage.
  • In our interview in this issue, the founder and CEO of Vietnam’s Pho24 noodle-bar chain provides detailed answers to a variety of questions including the origins of the country’s leading foodservice brand with almost 80 outlets in Vietnam and neigh¬bouring countries. On role models and visions. On the benefits and risks of expansion via franchising. And on the very special challenges associated with managing a family enterprise in Asia.
  • Asia is an exciting export destination for London’s fine-dining restaurant Zuma and its sister concept Roka. The brainchild of German chef Rainer Becker, and focusing on Japanese cuisine, Zuma was distinguished by sensational revenues from the launch in 2002. Both formulas have been touring the world since 2007 – from Hong Kong, via Dubai and Istanbul, to Miami.
  • The Pan-European Survey in this issue revolves around a concept category that is currently boosting the quickservice market – bakery cafés. Bread-based snacks are becoming increasingly popular among European consumers. So it’s hardly surprising that the sector is attracting players from a multitude of neighbouring segments. Part 1 of our two-part survey reviews the markets in Great Britain, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • In our Middle East section, we focus this time on Saudi Arabia with two case studies, the first depicting one of the leading domestic QSR brands, Albaik, the other the Fillfilah XXL full-service format with four outlets in the east of the country.
  • But that’s not all. There is also a visit to the foodservice empire of culinary legend Paul Bocuse in Lyon. In our Supplier Section, you will find comments by Europe’s leading dishwasher manufacturers on the challenges thrown up by the crisis and technological trends in this age of sustainability. Plus twelve interesting start-ups from four countries in the Concepts to Watch. And, last but not least, guest author Jim Sullivan outlines ways of improving performance and profits in 2011, too.
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