Issue 06/2014:

Top 99 Europe, Summit Report, SSP’s COO Mark Angela

This year’s final issue of FoodService Europe & Middle East is on its way to readers in more than 50 countries throughout the world. The highlights this time are: our exclusive ranking of Europe’s Top 99 foodservice operators with their latest sales figures, an overview of the 15th European Foodservice Summit in Zurich and an interview with Mark Angela, COO of London-based SSP Group, a major foodservice player in the international travel sector.

Europe’s leaders of the pack: the top players rang up combined sales of nearly €94 bn (without VAT) in 2013 and achieved growth of 3.45% (in constant currency). Two sectors are dominant, namely quickservice and contract catering, with best growth figures for the QSR segment (up 5.2%).

Once again the 15th European Foodservice Summit, held 23-24 September in Zurich, brought together some great speakers and around 250 top-notch participants from both Europe and abroad. We review the major topics and report on lessons to be learned, including lots of inspiring visual impressions. The major message? The importance of foregoing the factory line approach when trying to run a successful foodservice operation. In addition: an abstract of Dr David Bosshart’s speech on our increasingly digitalized and polarized world. The head and mastermind at the GDI in Zurich made clear that the foodservice industry will be massively impacted by these changes. And, we round off the first part of our Summit review with a number of statements from participants considering current perspectives and challenges for their businesses.

In our interview, SSP Group’s COO Mark Angela delivers insights about how to match outlets to opportunities and the growing scope for innovation in areas such as chef-led partnerships and street food. With more than 2,000 travel concessions worldwide under 300 different brands, their own and franchises as well as partnerships, the global travel foodservice specialists cover a broad spectrum from grab-and-go to premium dining.

In our Middle East Section, we take a brief look at the activities of hospitality players as they prepare for the upcoming holiday season. In addition, catering professionals from the region talk about the prospects for foodservice in Dubai, following the Emirate’s crisis.

Also in this issue, part two of our pan-European survey on sushi concepts gives an overview of the market sector in eight European countries from France to Russia. And, last but not least, our supplier portrait spotlights the French manufacturing company Monin, the international market leader in premium flavourings for coffee, desserts, cocktails and the like.