De Santos ist erstes iPad-Restaurant

Das legendäre De Santos Lokal, wo früher so Musikgrößen wie Bob Dylan Stammgäste waren, ist jetzt das erste Restaurant von New York City mit iPads (Apple Tablet) als Management-Tool.

Das High End-Restaurant italienischer Prägung in der West Village arbeitet seit 1. August mit dem neuen System. Der Unternehmer, Sebastian Gonella: „Who doesn’t like an iPad? They go nuts.“ Er sagt, das neue System spare Geld und mache sein Lokal sexy. “Any business knows that technology is a very important tool. In the restaurant business, I was always certain that we were lacking on the visual aspect of it.”

Die Heirat zwische Apple und De Santos ist bemerkenswert und wird in der Stadt viel besprochen.

Hier die Original-Argumentation von Gonella: "Apple is the best company in the world that [uses] visuals as a marketing tool, so I believed it would be a great idea to make it happen in the restaurant business."

The iPads can do everything associated with the day-to-day functions of the restaurant—namely, taking orders, sending them to the kitchen, and paying for the bill—but makes it simpler and much more time- and money-efficient. The customized POS system, which appears as an app on every server's iPad, can access the restaurant's table and seating chart, as well as a full visual menu from the kitchen and the bar.

“Nowadays in New York City, the menus don't list the entire specifications of each dish. With this software, you can show them exactly the dish itself and all the specifications for each dish, so people are really buying what they're seeing and there's no more confusion. It's pretty important.

Now the kitchen's fast. They have four or five more minutes to prepare the dish, so the food is coming very quickly. It's a huge difference because that's more or less the time it takes to prepare a dish, unless it's lamb or filet mignon. It's really efficient.

We have a credit card swiper so you can [pay] directly from the iPad. They can also sign on the iPad for their bill, and if they wanted to get the receipt by e-mail, we can send it by e-mail, so I don't have to waste paper."

Der Unternehmer argumentiert auch wirtschaftlich: Ein neues, traditionelles POS-System hätte ihn 30.000 $ gekostet. Doch er entschied sich für Apple und kaufte 8 iPads sowie einen Credit Card Swipper. Alles zusammen zum Preis von 18.000 $.

Er sagt, er habe jetzt eine bessere Kontrolle über das, was in seinem Restaurant abgehe. Jede Transaktion sei just in time sichtbar und analysiert.

Übrigens, die New Yorker Presse nennt das Ganze ’The Birth of the iRestaurant’.