Top 10 Lessons in Restaurant Marketing

Im Krisenjahr 2009 ist es in USA richtiggehend Mode geworden, dass Branchen-Profis und -Prominente ihre Learnings in Thesen fassen und kommunizieren. In Sachen Marketing hat jetzt Karen Brennan, eine renommierte Fachfrau, folgendes definiert:

1. You'll never be first by following the competition.

Steal only from the best. And make sure the idea fits your brand.

Never confuse effort with results. It's easy to feel really good in the midst of rolling out a new program. But it's important to stop every now and then to measure results.

Marketing can't promise what operations can't execute. A simple thing like promoting a long-ticket-time appetizer versus an easy-pick-up item such as soup can negatively affect the guest experience.

Marketing is a 'ready, aim, fire' discipline in a 'ready, fire, aim' industry.

If you want people to talk about you, give them something to talk about. If you don't give people something specific and concrete to talk about, they have nothing to say.

You're not selling burgers; you're renting chairs to people buying burgers. Restaurant capacity is the secret. Maximize every daypart.

Marketing is a philosophy, not a department. Marketing is everyone's job, from the hostess to the CFO to the unit-level manager.

Marketing restaurants is simple. Make customers want to come. Make customers want to come back. The devil is in the details.

Customers own the brand. A brand is a set of expectations, and if your guests don't believe your messaging, it may as well not be true.
Wir haben die Top 10 Lessons der Fachzeitschrift 'Chain Leader' entnommen.