Clinton, McCain, Obama – mit welchen Restaurantketten kompatibel?

Professor Dr. Christopher Muller, University of Central Florida, analysierte die demografischen Daten der drei Präsidentschaftskandidaten in USA, um herauszufinden, mit welchen bekannten Restaurantketten sie hoch kompatibel sind. Man kann auch sagen, wo man Hillary, John bzw. Barack und ihre Generation typischerweise treffen könnte.

In Kurzfassung:

Where would your presidential candidate eat?

  • Hillary Clinton: Spago, The Cheesecake Factory, Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Olive Garden und Perkins. (Having just turned 60, she is part of the core demographic of women who fought in the gender wars. Chardonnay, Brie, a nice piece of fish and a side salad were the rage then and still work well in a restaurant today (Muller would substitute Merlot). Muller would put her in traditional casual/theme restaurants where welcome families also fit.)
  • John McCain: Morton’s of Chicago, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, The Capital Grille and Outback. (At 71, Muller says McCain’s military background and time he came of age speaks the language of his decidedly masculine generation. Fine dining, upscale steakhouses, a dry-gin martini or a glass of scotch are what constitute a great meal for him.)
  • Barack Obama: Starbucks, P.F. Chang’s, Seasons 52, Houston’s und Panera Bread. (The generational product of the “after-events” time period, Obama, 46, grew up with “grazing”, gourmet pizza, sushi, and café latte.)