Starbucks testet zwei Delivery-Lösungen

Im amerikanischen Markt testet die Coffeebar-Weltmarke zwei Zustellwege: via Postmates und per eigenem Vertriebsweg. Das Ergebnis hat hohe Wichtigkeit für das Roll out im Delivery-Kanal. Der Test findet in den Märkten New York und Nordwesten der USA statt. Wichtig sein das Learning, so Chairman Howard Schultz, dass bei der neuen Distributionslösung der Kunde mehr bezahle. Weil er Zeit spart.

Howard Schultz. „Delivery has been something that people have asked for from us for many, many years, and we didn’t think we could get it right ourselves. We didn’t know how to do it. How do you keep it hot? But the demand for delivery has become ferocious. And as a result of that, we started trying to find how we could do it. So we got involved with Postmates and did a number of tests with them, and we figured out a way through our own technology and theirs that we could co-author a new foundational way to deliver Starbucks coffee in real time. And we also figured out that elasticity of charging for it is something people will pay for.

So we’ll launch Starbucks with Postmates in the northwest, and then, secondarily, we’re building a remote mini-commissary in the Empire State Building where we will deliver Starbucks coffee ourselves and on a parallel basis will test both Postmates and our own delivery. I suspect that you will see us do delivery in many cities around the world as this evolves. And we’re working on ways in which we can keep it warm. We’re designing vessels in which the coffee be maintained in a unique way.”

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