Trend-Vorhersagen für 2017

Was sind die heißesten F&B-Trends in Restaurants und Hotels der USA im nächsten Jahr? Spannende Prognosen liefert regelmäßig Baum+Whiteman LLC aus Brooklyn, New York.

Die hochkarätigen Restaurant-Entwickler und Consultants mit Projekten weltweit haben diesmal 13 Trend-Thesen aufgestellt und dazu noch 24 Buzzwords gepackt. Gemünzt zwar auf den amerikanischen Markt, dürfte etliches davon sehr wohl übertragbar sein.

1 Why Falling Food Prices Are Killing Restaurants
(widening cost gap between eating out and eating home due to the fact that supermarkets are passing savings to customers in the form of cheaper prices … but restaurants don’t or rather can‘t)

2 Restaurants without Seats, Seats without Restaurants
(Commercial kitchens being created in low-rent locations for the sole purpose of delivery; home cooks preparing meals and deliver them to other people’s dining rooms or invite people to their homes)

3 Cauliflower Marches On
(Vegetables will extend their domination of the dinner plate)

4 Artisan Butchers Strike Back
(Glorifying great meat by marrying an artisan butcher shop to a restaurant)

5 Breakfast Is Becoming Brunch
(Breakfast is not only extended throughout the day; the very texture of breakfast is being transformed. Today’s textures and tastes are turning aggressive – from chrispy chorizo and chimichurry to coarse whole-grain cereal)

6 Hail Kale … and Farewell
(Kale continues to disappear from snacks while sea vegetables find new formats)

7 Fast-Casual Growth: Is there no End?
(Maybe too many fast-cas startups are diluting the market … how many artisan hamburgers can the market support?)

8 Bowls, they Said
(Eating from bowls has become the big thing for eating in and take-away in many fast-casual chains)

9 Oddball Ice Creams Getting Hot
(Freakshakes – freestyle milkshake topped ice cream with sauce and whipped cream and surmounted by insane quantities of cookies, candies, donuts – running rampant on Instagram!)

10 Restaurants Surrounded by Wolves
(Restaurants find themselves competing with their own suppliers: Kellogg’s with cereal restaurant on Times Square, Pepsi’s with 5,000 sq ft kola-nut-centric retaurant & event space near Chelsea Market in New York …)

11 Ramping up the Spice … and then Offsetting It
(Spices on the rise – focus on single components rather than blends such as curry powder or curry sauce)

12 Where to Look for Innovation
(Creative energy in food has shifted away from what’s the next fast-cas restaurant to young, fearless entrepreneurs making insect bars, seaweed noodles, bone broth pouches or experiment with fermented products and innovative beverages)

13 Vegetables Are the New Comfort Foods
(People shifting the concept of comfort away from 'emotional dishes' like mac-and-cheese to dishes that reflect more healthful considerations)

Buzzwords for 2017:
Horseradish. Radishes everywhere including fast-cas places. Celery. Newfangled, reinvented cottage cheese. Fake cheese opotions on regular menus. Matcha jumps the shark. Jackfruit. Upscale ramen noodle shops. War on waste … pickling vegetable flotsam that used to go into the trash now becomes condiments, relishes and burger toppings. Clean label cold cuts. Cauliflower. French dip sandwiches for some reason … but if you want to take a leap, try the zesty mexican version called torta ahogodo. Chefs playing around with aging meat … in whisky, in sake lees, quick-aging with miso powder. Grain bowls. Breakfast transformed … more ethnic flavors, heavier brunch-type items. Verging on too many food halls … with negative impacts on mom-and-pops. Caccio e pepe on non-pasta dishes … as a steak sauce, on asparagus, brussels sprouts, spiralized vegetables. Robots in restaurants Salted egg yolks. Asian bakeries. Some commercial stabs at 3-D food printing. Sopisticated soda. Everything’s going to become a snack.

Wer sich mit den Trend-Vorhersagen von Baum + Whiteman gründlicher beschäftigen möchte, sei auf die Website der New Yorker Company hingewiesen, wo alle Trend-Thesen ausführlich erläutert sind.